Club Rules

The following rules have been established by the members for the protection of the club, its members and guests. To ensure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities, parents are requested to read these rules to their children. In addition, all individuals should obey any instructions given by the pool staff (manager, lifeguards, and front desk employees). Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges, and / or cancellation of membership.

  1. All members and guests shall use the pool and its facilities at their own risk.
  2. The club will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property.
  3. At least one member of each family must show his or her membership pass when entering the facility. Front desk personnel will check off the names of the family members entering the pool.
  4. Running, rough play, and profane language are prohibited.
  5. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  6. No adult guest can come into the pool more than 10 times in a season; guests under age 16 years may come into the pool on an unlimited basis.
  7. At the discretion of the manager, admission to pool may be refused to anyone with the stomach flu, a cold, inflamed eyes, a skin infection, or wearing a bandage.
  8. No spitting, nose blowing, or urinating in the pool is allowed.
  9. Inappropriate dress is prohibited.
  10. No cameras or cell phone cameras may be used in the locker rooms.
  11. Chairs and lounges are to be placed behind the drain line.
  12. Reserved lounges are for the use of members who pay for them.
  13. No littering.
  14. No pets.
  15. Ball playing and throwing objects may be permitted only in the upper field, volleyball court, and basketball court.
  16. Any damage to the club or its property caused by a member or their guest will constitute a debt of the member.
  17. All accidents should be reported to management immediately.
  18. Any person unable to swim is not permitted in water that is over his or her head.
  19. Children must be able to swim in order to be in the main pool without adult supervision.
  20. Floats, tubes or other inflated devices (including water arm wings) are not permitted in the main pool, except on Sundays between 1-4 pm.
  21. No alcoholic beverages.
  22. No food on the pool deck.
  23. No glass containers or breakable objects of any kind.
  24. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas; smokers must properly dispose of their materials.
  25. Loitering in the lobby or lifeguard offices is prohibited.
  26. No yelling, running, or playing in the locker rooms.
  27. For the last 15 minutes of every hour, the use of the main pool will be reserved for members and guests aged 16 years and older. During this “rest period,” members and guests under 16 years will remain behind the deck drain line.
  28. Only children 6 and younger and the adults supervising them may be in the wading pool. Adults must strictly supervise their children in the wading pool.
  29. Children in diapers will not be permitted to enter the wading pool unless they are wearing tight fitting rubber pants or pool diapers and a form fitting bathing suit.
  30. Children wearing diapers of any kind are prohibited from entering the main pool.
  31. No one under the age of 2 years is allowed in the main pool.
  32. Any member using the snack bar area is responsible for cleaning up after him- or herself.

Slide rules


2. No combs or foreign objects allowed in pockets and no jewelry or goggles can be worn while riding the slide.

3. No cut off jeans, street clothes, or shoes; only swimsuits allowed.

4. Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instructions from the guard stationed at the top of the slide.

5. All riders must ride feet first while lying on their backs with arms crossed across their chests or hands clasped behind their heads and legs crossed at the ankles.

6. Only one rider at a time.

7. Absolutely no trains or chains of riders.

8. No tubes, mats or life jackets on the slide.

9. The line should form on the stairs in an orderly fashion. Management reserves the right to have the line start on the bottom of stairs if they feel the line is unruly.

10. Riders must be in good health. Pregnant women or individuals with heart or back conditions should not use this ride.

11. No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, or stopping in the flume.

12. No diving from the slide.

13. Leave the plunge pool as soon as you can.

14. Non-swimmers are not allowed on the slide.

Diving board and climbing wall rules

1. Divers and climbers must pass a swimming test to use the diving board.

2. Lifeguard must be on duty.

3. One bounce only on the diving board.

4. No inward dives from the board.

5. One person on the board at a time.

6. Dive straight, not to the side.

7. One climber at a time on the wall.

8. Divers and climbers must be at the exit ladder before the next person may go.

9. No diving and no backflips from the climbing wall. Feet-first entry only.

10. Floatation devices are not permitted.